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Agency and Identity in Everyday Literacy Practice of Three Indonesian University EFL Students

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posted on 2020-04-01, 02:23 authored by AHMAD BUDAIRI
This project aims to investigate how three Indonesian university students engaged in everyday literacy practices outside of academic context..The data were collected using connective ethnography approach involving semi-structured interviews, reading pro forma, WhatsApp message services, auto recorded phone interviews and emails. The findings revealed that the students' literacy practice mostly occurred in online space such Twitter, Instagram, You tube channel and online gaming. The students' participation in a variety of culturally shaped literacy events was characterised by multiplicity of identities and the re-making of the self involving appropriation, conscious decisions and creativity as components of agency as well as emotions. The study concludes with a proposal for pedagogy of compassion which embraces learners as independent moral agent whose different voices and emotions need to be acknowledged and responded to with ethical responsibility


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