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Accounting for Local Flood Knowledge in Citizen Science: Discussing Resilience and Adaptation to the Effects of Climate Change through a Flood-Monitoring Project

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posted on 2022-02-28, 00:15 authored by ERICH WOLFF
This thesis examines the connections established between local knowledge and a flood-monitoring project in order to explore the roles and benefits of citizen science approaches. This investigation is based on the firsthand findings of a flood-monitoring project conducted in partnership with communities living in the city of Makassar, Indonesia, within the Revitalising Informal settlements and Their Environments (RISE) Program. The findings explore the ways of knowing and adapting to floods and discuss the effects of the citizen science project in terms of resilience and adaptive capacity building in the context of climate change.


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Diego Ramirez

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Shanti Sumartojo

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Michaela F. Prescott

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Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture