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A study of the junior secondary science curriculum in Bangladesh and its relationship with real life situation

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posted on 17.09.2020, 08:20 authored by TAHMINA AKHTER SYEDA
This research explores the scope of relationship of the junior secondary science curriculum to real-life. Since teachers in Bangladesh follow textbooks as a de-facto curriculum to teach science, therefore to understand the relevance of the curriculum to the students' lives, this study also explored corresponding textbook content and teachers' perspectives of implementing the curriculum. Findings indicate that a lack of consistency of curriculum emphases between specific objectives and learning outcomes of the curriculum and textbook content for all grades. Poor representation of real-life aspects were identified both in the curriculum and textbooks. Teachers' teaching practices revealed content dominating teaching with poor connections to real-life examples. The study concludes that further revision is required to the published curriculum and textbooks in Bangladesh to accommodate real-life aspects of science in it. Findings will certainly contribute positively and significantly towards it.


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