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A studio research project investigating the recovery of 'contemplation' as a reflection of slowness

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posted on 2017-02-17, 02:01 authored by Lin, Chia-Ching
This research investigates how mankind’s obsession with speed can be addressed in a new environmental art paradigm that fosters more of a sense of reflection, thoughtfulness and awareness towards the notion of slow as compared to fast. The studio productions bring together a more heightened awareness of the role of environmental art and its relationship to the improvement of societies in a global framework addressing ‘speed’ as stress factoring affecting our senses. With these in mind and inspired by a Taiwanese Buddhism ritual, this studio investigation then brought the practice of folding paper lotuses into secular contemporary art context by signifying the sensibilities of continuity, mindfulness and being as a reaction to the existing speed driven status quo. As a result, the feature of continuity is realised via the works constructed by the persisting resolve and repeated execution of the semiotic monomer. The notion of mindfulness is signified by the meticulously processed fabrication and digital visualisation throughout the entire body of studio interventions. The concept of being is embodied by uninterrupted crafting of the compositions to capture an essence of contemplation as a holistic reflection on slowness. On the whole, the studio research outcome distinguished itself from the production of environmental artists and such social/environmental issues by challenging the existing speed-driven conditions of mindless, fragmented attention, and perpetual ‘doing’ mode mindset, and consoling those modern souls overwhelmed by their hectic pace of contemporary life.


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