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A cultural-historical study on English speech development of Saudi students through investigating EFL teaching strategies in primary schools

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posted on 2019-05-13, 13:05 authored by WALAA ESMAIL H MANDILI
This research study is drawing upon the cultural-historical theory of Vygotsky to examine English speech development as higher mental function. English as Foreign Language teaching strategies were investigated in Saudi primary schools to find better ways of teaching English through social interaction and communication. It is important for English speech development that the present form of the student interacts with a developed form of English speech in English activities which moves forward the process of development. The teacher can create conditions for English speech development and understand the students' level of English speech then engage them in several social situations. This study declares that there is an interrelated relationship between the processes of English language acquisition and English speech development.


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Nikolai Veresov

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Faculty of Education

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