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A coupled hydro-mechanical SPH framework to model desiccation cracking in clay soils

posted on 18.06.2019, 22:44 by TRUNG-HIEU TRAN
This thesis aims to develop a coupled hydro-mechanical smoothed particle hydrodynamics (HM-SPH) framework to model desiccation cracking in clay soils. In this framework, the fracture geometry is described by a set of Lagrangian particles, which carry their cohesive fracture process zones and move freely in the computational domain without being confined to any grid system. A coupled HM constitutive model is proposed to facilitate the modelling of the desiccation cracking process in clay soils without any ad-hoc treatment. The framework is shown to be a handy computational tool for studying diverse relevant aspects related to desiccation cracking mechanisms.


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Ha Hong Bui

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Jayantha Kodikara

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Civil Engineering


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Faculty of Engineering

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