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A changing face for social work : globalisation, internationalisation and the Monash BSW in Singapore 2004-2006

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posted on 2017-01-13, 00:36 authored by Brydon, Kerry
This research was born out of innovative work undertaken by the Department of Social Work at Monash University, the first Australian social work education programme to undertake the delivery of an Australian Bachelor of Social Work at an offshore location. Accreditation to deliver the degree of Bachelor of Social Work in Singapore was gained from the Australian Association of Social Workers and the Singapore Association of Social Workers, the first Australian social work education programme to gain accreditation from two professional bodies. The research is posited in a context of contemporary trends and issues in internationalisation and globalisation. It also examines policy and educational trends in both Singapore and Australia, as central to understanding the complexity of different contexts associated with the delivery of the Bachelor of Social Work in Singapore. The research also examines contemporary debate surrounding the nature of international social work and seeks to understand these issues not only from an Australian perspective but also from other perspectives both globally, and specifically as they pertain to the Singapore programme. This research adopts a case study approach to examine the development and delivery, of the Monash University Bachelor of Social Work, in Singapore during the period 2004 – 2006. Through this case study it is possible to identify messages for social work and social work education programmes seeking to develop an international focus. The research also offers important messages for the internationalisation agenda not only of Monash University but also for the University education sector at the national level.


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