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A Revision of the Australian Cyclopidae of the subfamilies Cyclopinae and Eucyclopinae (Crustacea : Copepoda)

posted on 2021-05-13, 02:01 authored by David W. Morton
The Australian Cyclopidae are revised. The number of species known from Australia is increased from 18 to 44; these are allocated to eleven genera. One genus and 16 species are described as new.
The species of the subfamilies Cyclopinae and Eucyclopinae are described and discussed and most are figured. Where known, the geographical distribution and general ecology of each species is indicated. Keys to the
genera and species are provided .
The subfamilial c l assification of the fami l y is discussed. A case is presented for the reduction of the number of subfamilies from four to two .
The zoogeographic affinities of the Australian Cyclopidae are briefly considered . The Australian fauna is interpre ted as consisting of two broad groups: one derived from the Palaearctic-Oriental faunas, and the other a remnant of a previously widespread Gondwanaland fauna.


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