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A Novel Approach to In-Situ Synthesis of Ceramic Nanocomposite Particles: Case for Gadolinia-doped YSZ

posted on 2020-01-13, 01:38 authored by YUAN TENG FOO
The project aims to develop a novel in-situ synthesis method for the preparation of gadolinia-doped yttria-stabilized zirconia (G/YSZ) nanocomposite by determination of overlapping optimum synthesis conditions in the single-stream synthesis of yttria, zirconia and gadolinia nanoparticles. Characteristics of the synthesized nanocomposite were identified through several analytical platforms. The results suggest that G/YSZ nanocomposite with desirable properties were successfully prepared through fine-tuning of synthesis parameters during co-precipitation reaction and calcination. In-situ synthesized 10 mol% G/YSZ showed better morphology and mechanical strength as compared to single-stream synthesized G/YSZ, as well as other in-situ synthesized G/YSZ nanocomposites with higher gadolinia content.


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Dr. Bahman Amini Horri

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