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A Model for Implementing Open Badges in a Resource-Constrained Environment

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posted on 2017-08-24, 03:56 authored by MATTHEUS DANIEL NIEMAND
Open badges offer a unique opportunity to modularise the learning process and allow for the accreditation of skills via a variety of sources not traditionally classified as educational institutes. Addressing the mismatch between employer expectations and educational institutions’ skill offerings, a system such as Mozilla Open Badges could allow for targeted skill-based learning. Current Mozilla systems have been developed for ideal environments and prior attempts in implementing such a system in a resource-constrained environment within South Africa have resulted in failure. This research produces a model that allows for the successful implementation of open badges in resource-constrained environments.


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South Africa

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Stella Ouma

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Abraham G. van der Vyver

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Information Technology (Monash University South Africa)


Master of Philosophy in Computer and Information Science

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Faculty of Information Technology

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