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A Human-Centred Approach to Network Layout Algorithm Design

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posted on 2017-05-24, 23:38 authored by STEVEN ANDREW KIEFFER
Scientists and engineers often use a type of information graphic called a node-link diagram to represent the complex systems they study. Here, labelled boxes connected by lines show how elements of the system relate to one another. It is challenging to create a good layout for such a diagram, positioning the boxes and lines for maximum clarity. Existing software can help with the job, but the results often look artificial, or fail to capture a lab-specific style. My research explores a new approach to designing layout software that can more closely mimic the style of human graphic designers.


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Kimbal George Marriott

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Michael Wybrow

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Tim Dwyer

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Information Technology (Monash University Caulfield)

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National Information and Communications Technology Australia


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