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A Framework of Seamless Learning in Higher Education – A Study from an IT Faculty

posted on 2020-09-08, 03:45 authored by FUI CHIN HIEW
This research uses the Constructivist Grounded Theory Methodology to explore how learning and teaching could happen seamlessly in a technology-rich higher education environment (TRHEE). The research contributes a theoretical framework for educational technology integration. The framework consists of three main aspects to realize a seamless educational environment: (1) a technology integration direction, (2) possible usage of an online learning community platform for integration and (3) a learning design concept. The framework explains how to assimilate learning to students' lives seamlessly, and highlights that educational technology integration should provide students and educators with natural educational technology experience.


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Rajendran Parthiban

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Judithe Sheard

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Esyin Chew

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Information Technology (Monash University Malaysia)

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Faculty of Information Technology