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Cinematic VR as a reflexive tool beyond empathy

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posted on 2020-09-23, 00:41 authored by SOJUNG BAHNG
This practice-based research explores the reflexive dimensions of cinematic virtual reality (VR) within intersubjective contexts beyond empathy. The research developed three cinematic VR projects that apply reflexive elements in qualitatively different ways: Floating Walk (360° video), Anonymous (interactive mobile VR) and Sleeping Eyes (interactive navigable VR). These creative works explore the potential of cinematic VR for eliciting embodied reflection. The projects are responses to alienation, disconnection and isolation; sociocultural issues which prompt the audience to engage in self-reflection in sociocultural contexts and consider how they connect with others.


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Jon Paul Mccormack

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Vincent Dziekan

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Caulfield School of IT


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Information Technology