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posted on 2019-04-10, 03:35 authored by Gede Primahadi Wijaya RajegGede Primahadi Wijaya Rajeg
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Rajeg, Gede Primahadi Wijaya (2019): happyr. figshare. Code. DOI:


The accompanying R package for Rajeg's (2019) PhD thesis titled "Metaphorical profiles and near-synonyms: A corpus-based study of Indonesian words for Happiness". The happyr package documents the R functions and data sets for the quantitative analyses in the thesis. Versioning of this repository is synchronised with Releases in its GitHub repository.

The 100-word summary of the thesis:
This thesis investigates metaphors for different words of happiness in Indonesian. It finds that happiness in general is predominantly described, among others, as an object we possess, share, and acquire; a goal one seeks to attain; a substance filling the human-body. Moreover, each of the happiness words shows statistical preferences for certain metaphors. For instance, while kebahagiaan ‘happiness’ and kesenangan ‘pleasure’ are frequently described as a desired goal, this metaphor is much less frequent for kegembiraan ‘joy’, described more frequently as a contained liquid (e.g., kegembiraan terpancar ‘joy is spurted out’). This suggests nuances between these happiness words in Indonesian.
See the package website for further details. The website is built in R using the pkgdown package.


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