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ShackletonSOM R Code used in Saunderson et al. (2022; The Cryosphere)

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posted on 16.09.2022, 17:40 authored by Dominic SaundersonDominic Saunderson

This repository contains the scripts used to analyse surface melt on the Shackleton Ice Shelf in East Antarctica. This work was carried out as part of my PhD with the Monash Ice Sheet Initiative at Monash University,  where I am supervised by Prof. Andrew Mackintosh, Dr. Felicity McCormack, and Dr. Richard Selwyn Jones. 

This work has been accepted for publication in The Cryosphere, and is available as an open access article at

The code here can also be found in the GitHub repository (see reference link below), where the file will give more information about how to use and interact with these scripts.

The code is written in R and uses renv to help with replicability. It is possible to recreate the figures from the manuscript just using the code in this repo; to explore melt on other ice shelves across Antarctica, you will also need to download the melt data, processed by co-author Ghislain Picard, and stored online at: