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IMP: Integrated Microscopy and Proteomics - Prerocessing and Backend

posted on 2023-09-28, 03:17 authored by Mitchell HargreavesMitchell Hargreaves, Nora Hamacher, Alex De Marco

The Integrated Microscopy and Proteomics (IMP) project is using artificial intelligence bioinformatics approaches to seamlessly integrate and interrogate high-resolution imaging data (derived from optical and electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography) with proteomic/genomic data and gene ontology/protein interaction network data.

The project will enable a new, publicly accessible, national-scale data asset to underpin the integration of molecular imaging with bio-analytics, driving discovery research across the whole of the life sciences.

The resulting online platform will host the final, released and annotated datasets and permit presentation of the data to the community.

This work will have immediate application in fields such as drug discovery, infectious diseases and molecular diagnostics.

The project involves the following elements:

  • collection of comprehensive protein and electron microscopy (EM) data across numerous disparate community and facility databases
  • integration of molecular imaging and bio-analytics and application of published approaches – including artificial intelligence tools – to process, segment and label EM tomograms and populate with the appropriate metadata
  • tailored data asset publicly available through a robust resource for multimodal imaging data storage and visualisation, a resource to integrate and visualise omics data with multimodal imaging, and a curated, labelled and FAIR public, web-based repository of data.


Integrated Microscopy and Proteomics XM006 | ARDC


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