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Fiber Orientation

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posted on 2022-04-28, 05:34 authored by Cameron NowellCameron Nowell, Ami Doshi

Fiji/ImageJ macro for analysis of actin fiber orientation in cells grown in microfluidic devices. Macro was developed by Cameron J Nowell of Monash University ( in collaboration with 

Ami Mehta (

Code will take Leica LIF files. Analysis will extract the phalloidin channel (assumed to be channel 3) and analyse the fiber orienaion using OrientationJ. All graphs and data tables will be saved out.

Requirements - Standard install of Fiji 


 - Data is in Leica LIF format

 - Data is 3 channel Z series

 - Fibre stain (e.g. phalloidin) is in the 3rd channel


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