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Bee Ovary Analysis

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posted on 11.01.2021, 23:53 by Cameron NowellCameron Nowell
Fiji/ImageJ Macro written by Cameron J Nowell of Monash University (
Macro was developed using data from Sarah Aamidor of the university of Sydney based on original concepts developed by Chris Evenhuis of UTS

Macro will open CZI files and their respective ROIs and ask the user to confirm the correct zoom level

For macro to function it requires the following
- Images files must be Zeiss CZI confocal Z stacks
- ROI file containing regions for both nurse and oocyte cells
- ROIs must be labeled in the order string-ID-cell type (e.g. 1-1-o)
- ROI and CZI files must be named the same to pair the data together
- All data needs to be in a base folder containing a CZI folder and and ROI folder
- CZI files must be in the CZI folder
- ROI files must be in the ROI folder
- A Output folder needs to be created to save outline outputs to


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