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Returning to the workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic: Attitudes and concerns of Australian workers

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posted on 10.12.2020, 02:41 by Daniel GriffithsDaniel Griffiths, Alex CollieAlex Collie
This brief report describes attitudes towards the re-opening of workplaces from working age Australians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Participants enrolled in a prospective longitudinal cohort study on the health impacts of Australian adults experiencing work loss during the pandemic (COVID-19 Work and Health Study). Workers completed a second follow-up survey (during 1 July - 30 September 2020) three months after study enrolment, which included views on workplaces re-opening. We describe the perceptions and concerns of infection risk in the workplace, working from home intentions, and concerns about the impacts of returning to the workplace on job roles and home life.


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