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YooccLa: a parser generator for L-attributed grammars

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posted on 2022-08-31, 02:27 authored by G Butler, C Mingins
This paper argues that a parser generator can be developed that requires less knowledge of parser technology than most existing parser generators;that can bring parser technology within the reach of more software engineers;and that can allow a parser to be used where a designer might otherwise have chosen a fully procedural solution. A parser generator, YooccLa, has been developed to achieve these goals. It reads a non-left-recursive LL grammar specified in an EBNFlike language, augmented with Eiffel features specifying semantic actions. For each grammar production YoocLa produces a pair of classes for the Eiffel Parse library: a syntax class specifying the syntax to Eiffel Parse, and a construct class specifying the semantics.


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