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The Mobile Hanging Services Framework for Context-Aware Applications: An Experience Report on Context-Aware VNC

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posted on 2022-08-29, 04:54 authored by E Syukur, S W Loke, P Stanski
Context sensitivity is particularly useful if we want to give mobile users an experience of responsive and attentive services depending on their current contexts. However, to support proactive context awareness in mobile environment requires the sufficient accuracy of location positioning system and spontaneously way of downloading and executing the context application on the mobile device. In this paper we discuss some of the issues and the necessity of adding context awareness to an existing application. In order to exploit the benefit of having context sensitivity in this field, we propose a comprehensive model, design and implementation of a Mobile Hanging Services framework. Our system aims to provide a generic mobile context aware framework that can be adapted to any existing traditional or non-traditional application. Besides that, it also provides an enhanced policy that governs the execution and termination of the service.


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