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Sharks and rays in recreational fisheries of southern Australia

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posted on 2020-10-15, 02:29 authored by Richard ReinaRichard Reina, Paul Rogers, Sean WilliamsonSean Williamson
This report summarises the outcomes of the Workshop on; prioritisation of species, identification of best-practice capture and handling, design of post-release survival (PRS) studies, and development of effective communication campaigns, for developing positive behavioural change in recreational fishing of Sharks and Rays.

The main objective of the national workshop was to discuss adoption of best-practice techniques by the recreational fishing sector in order to improve outcomes for fishers and animals. The specific objectives of the workshop were to:

1. Identify priority species (or groups) of chondrichthyans caught by recreational fishers for the development of best-practice capture and release guidelines and post-release survival studies.

2. Develop and identify key messaging for safe capture and handling to include in best-practice guidelines.

3. Identify key design aspects of PRS studies needed to assess, support and refine the proposed best-practice guidelines for recreational fishers.

4. Assess the best ways to communicate and extend the guidelines to recreational fishers.

5. Discuss approaches for monitoring and measuring behaviour change in recreational fisheries.


FRDC Projects 2018-042 & 2018-055