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Play to Grow: Augmenting Agriculture with Social Impact Games, Report 2

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posted on 2016-03-10, 00:58 authored by Misha MyersMisha Myers, Saswat Mahapatra, Nina Sabnani, Anirudha Josh
This is the second progress report of the Arts Humanities Research Council research project 'Play to Grow: Augmenting Agriculture with Social Impact Games'. This project explored and tested the use of computer games as a method of storytelling and learning to engage urban users in complexities of rural development, agricultural practices and issues facing farmers in India. The social impact game Bumper Crop was developed through the project in both digital and physical platforms based on the experiences and challenges of being a small holding farmer in India. This digital beta version is published and available for free download on Google Playstore and the physical version is available on the project website ( The research team included UK/India academic researchers and practitioners led by Dr. Misha Myers of Falmouth University and the digital game prototype was developed with Dave Griffiths of FoAM Kernow. The team worked in partnership to develop the game with the New Delhi-based non-profit organisation Digital Green as part a participatory co-design methodology involving small-holding farmers and village mediators in Madhya Pradesh. The development of the game was undertaken through partnership between Falmouth University and Digital Green and according to each organisation's policies and procedures, which cover research ethics, confidentiality and public safety. Informed consent was secured from participants and their confidentiality/ anonymity has been protected.




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