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On the spot fines and civic compliance. Volume 2.pdf (2.48 MB)

On the spot fines and civic compliance. Volume 2

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posted on 2016-11-05, 08:26 authored by Fox, Richard G., Humphreys, Chris, Mark Thomas, Bourke, Mick, Dussuyer, Inez, Monash University. Faculty of Law, Victoria. Department of Justice, Crime prevention Victoria
This project, which was undertaken in collaboration with the Faculty of Law at Monash University, provides a comprehensive insight into the Victorian community’s understanding of and attitudes towards the state’s infringement penalty enforcement system and it’s role in supporting road safety, traffic management, and other areas of social regulation. The aims are to identify factors which can enhance compliance with the underlying laws and the administrative arrangements for enforcing them. These research aims are in line with several of the broad outcomes describing the Government’s longer term aspirations for the community and which are associated with the Victorian Department of Justice’s strategic objectives, namely that ‘the legal rights of all persons are protected through a just, responsive and accessible legal system in which the Victorian community has confidence’ and that ‘offenders in Victoria are treated in a just and humane manner and encouraged to adopt law abiding lifestyle’ (Strategic Directions for Justice in Victoria 2001-2006, Department of Justice, victoria, November 2001). In addition, the research meets the objectives of the Department’s Strategic Research Plan 2001-2005 in relation too the need for collaborative applied research into alternative criminal sanctions and their enforcement.

The Report is presented in two volumes. Volume One contains an account of the research and it’s findings. Volume Two contains background material on infringement notice legislation, the PERIN Court, research instruments and questionnaires and a review of the relevant literature.

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