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National Plan Stakeholder Consultation: Final Report

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posted on 2022-07-13, 23:13 authored by Kate Fitz-GibbonKate Fitz-Gibbon, Silke MeyerSilke Meyer, Karen Gelb, Jasmine McGowanJasmine McGowan, Samantha Wild, Rosemary Batty, Marie SegraveMarie Segrave, JaneMaree MaherJaneMaree Maher, Naomi PfitznerNaomi Pfitzner, Jude McCullochJude McCulloch, Asher Flynn, Lisa Wheildon, Joshua Thorburn

Family, domestic and sexual violence is a national crisis in Australia. This Report presents the key themes, findings and recommendations from each stage of the National Stakeholder Consultation to inform the development of the next National Plan to end Violence against Women and Children. It aims to inform the development, implementation, governance and impact measurement of the next National Plan. During the stakeholder consultation virtual workshops and interviews, over an 11-week period from early July 2021 to mid-September 2021, the Monash Consultation Team engaged 492 individuals from 338 organisations. The key findings from those stakeholder consultations are presented throughout this Report thematically and reflect the views, experiences and recommendations of the range of Australian stakeholders engaged. The key findings focus on the desired outcomes under the next National Plan and are deliberately forward facing to achieve this. 


Department of Social Services, Commonwealth Government


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National Plan Stakeholder Consultation Project