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Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre, Submission to Senate Standing Committees on Legal and Constitutional Affairs: Modern Slavery Bill 2018

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posted on 2018-10-03, 04:30 authored by Marie Segrave, Sanja Milivojevic, Sharon Pickering, BODEAN DOROTHY HEDWARDS
The authors address specific issues pertaining to the legislation, but note at the outset that this legislation in its current form will be limited in relation to broadly addressing modern slavery. They note that there is no specific offence of modern slavery, and that this legislation will be limited in its ability to address issues pertaining to trafficking and slavery-like practices that do and do not fall within the remit of the existing Commonwealth legislation (s270 and s271) because of the legislative focus being exclusively linked to corporate supply chain practices. That said, the authors believe the legislation has the potential to have some positive impact, and this submission focuses on achievable improvements within the context of this Bill. The authores remain concerned that many of the recommendations from the previous Inquiry have not been taken up (as indicated where relevant below) and have prioritized 4 recommendations in this submission.


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