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Health Data Governance Framework

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posted on 2020-08-12, 00:26 authored by Dianne BrownDianne Brown
The Data Governance Framework (DGF) is being used at Monash University to better manage data in health research activities and ensure it is translated into practice. It was endorsed by the Helix Steering Committee in November 2018. There are many definitions of ”Governance” but ultimately these are the systems in place to control how things are done – the rules, if you like. The Data Governance Framework is the articulation of how all research data activities will be undertaken.
At the heart of the DGF is Michael Porter’s (1985) value-chain approach to strategy development that “disaggregates an organisation into its strategically relevant activities and provides a systematic way of examining all the activities…and how they interact”.

When the value chain approach is applied to the research task, all the data activities required to answer the research question can be described in the seven value chain steps; from defining the purpose of the data through to reporting of the data.
This dis-aggregation provides an effective basis for defining the “rules” for how these data activities should be undertaken. Language, policies, procedures, guidelines, tools, templates, training and guides can then be developed that take a consistent and well-governed approach.