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Governance for a water sensitive transition in Bogor Raya, Indonesia

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posted on 14.08.2019, 02:15 by Megan Farrelly, Alex Gunn, Reni Suwarso, Yusman Syaukat, Christoph Brodnik, Yoni Agus Setyono, Briony Rogers, Rouli Anita Velentina
Transforming urban water practices to more sustainable systems is widely regarded as a water governance challenge, which involves working within and across the different levels and layers of social, political and economic frameworks where urban water management takes place. Achieving a water sensitive city requires rethinking the way urban water governance is conceived of and delivered - moving beyond traditional single-service delivery models, to incorporate more flexible, integrated and complex institutional designs to respond to and accommodate multi functional and adaptive infrastructures.


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Jane Holden


Jane Holden