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Finding the evidence: guide to the best available evidence to support introduction of new technologies and clinical practices

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posted on 26.10.2016, 05:33 authored by Claire HarrisClaire Harris, Marie Garrubba
This guide aims to help users find the best available evidence in the shortest possible time to support introduction of new technologies and clinical practices in health services. Information provided will also be helpful in finding the best available evidence to support research funding applications.

This guide is designed to be pragmatic and meet the needs of clinicians and managers rather than comprehensive and exhaustive to meet the needs of health service researchers. The focus is on finding the best available synthesised evidence; it is not a guide to conducting a systematic review.

A new 'technology or clinical practice' (TCP) is a therapeutic intervention (including prostheses; implantable devices; high cost pharmaceuticals; medical, surgical or other clinical procedures) or diagnostic procedure that is considered by a reasonable body of clinical opinion to be significantly different from existing practice.

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