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Driving Health Study Report No 4: Use of pharmaceuticals following work-related injury and illness in Australian truck drivers.

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posted on 2020-12-02, 02:53 authored by Ting Xia, Ross Iles, Sharon Newnam, Dan I. Lubman, Alex CollieAlex Collie
This report, the fourth from The Driving Health Study, presents findings from analysis of Victorian workers’ compensation data in order to:
1. Describe the prevalence, types and cost of medications prescribed to truck drivers and other transport workers following a work-related injury and illness in the Australian state of Victoria, Australia;
2. Examine the characteristics of injured truck drivers who are at risk for higher volume and long-term use of anti-depressant and opioid medication.


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Transport Workers Union

Centre for Work Health and Safety

NHMRC Partnership Project grant (GNT1169395)