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Driving Health Report 9: Direct managers influencing truck driver health – Driving Health Allocator Training (DHAT) Program

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posted on 2022-09-21, 01:24 authored by Elizabeth Pritchard, Ting Xia, Caryn Van VredenCaryn Van Vreden, Sharon Newnam, Alex CollieAlex Collie, Ross Iles

This ninth report describes the results from the intervention phase of the Driving Health study, implementing the Driving Health Allocator Training Program with direct managers of drivers in the Australian trucking industry. This study aimed to:

1. Examine the feasibility of an online training program aimed at increasing awareness of driver health and wellbeing at the manager level.

2. Identify the degree to which managers feel they have influence on factors impacting driver health.

3. Determine if the awareness training resulted in a change in the perception of managers.

4. Determine if awareness training changed the actions a manager would take to help a struggling driver.


NHMRC Partnership Project Grant GNT1169395

Linfox Logistics

Transport Workers Union

Centre for Work Health and Safety