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Adolescent family violence in Australia: A national study of prevalence, history of childhood victimisation and impacts

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posted on 2022-09-06, 20:54 authored by Kate Fitz-GibbonKate Fitz-Gibbon, Silke MeyerSilke Meyer, Hayley Boxall, JaneMaree MaherJaneMaree Maher, Steven Roberts

This report, the first to emerge from a larger project examining adolescent family violence (AFV) in Australia, centres the voices of young people who have used AFV, providing insight that has until now been lacking into how these young people make sense of their use, and in some cases their experiences, of violence in the home. 

The research engaged directly with more than 5,000 young people aged 16 to 20 via a survey yielding both quantitative and qualitative data. The report contains findings about the AFV experiences of particular groups of young people, for example gender-diverse young people and young people with disability, as well as young people’s rationales for using AFV and the impacts of this kind of violence.


Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety