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A behavioural approach to understanding and encouraging quality use of research evidence in Australian schools: Final report

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posted on 2022-11-16, 22:10 authored by Bernice PlantBernice Plant, Mark BouletMark Boulet, Liam Smith

The Monash Q Project aims to improve the use of research evidence in Australian schools. BehaviourWorks Australia has been collaborating with the Q team to bring a behavioural lens to this emphasis on quality use of research evidence (QURE). 

This report shares a summary of the research methods used and the behavioural insights generated during this collaboration, including:

  • Methods of behaviour identification, behaviour prioritisation, and understanding barriers and facilitators.
  • Insights into what QURE might look like as a series of observable actions, key barriers and facilitators to QURE practices, and suggestions for supporting these practices.
  • Next steps and further research. 


The Monash Q Project

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