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A Learning Health System: Learning together for better health - Brief Report

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posted on 2021-11-09, 00:52 authored by Helena Teede, Angela Jones, Joanne Enticott, Cathie PigottCathie Pigott
Learning Health Systems use health-related data, analyse it to generate new knowledge, and provide this knowledge in an ongoing and timely manner to support near-time health care delivery and outcomes.
Typically, a Learning Health System sits within an organisational partnership and comprises an integrated team of frontline clinicians, researchers, informaticians and community members, embedded in healthcare. We define a Learning Health System as a system in which routine health practice data, from service delivery and patient care, can lead to iterative cycles of knowledge generation and improvement in healthcare, whereby the whole Learning Health System is enabled by partnership across academic, clinician, community and industry stakeholders.
However, little is known about how to create effective, sustainable and service-led Learning Health System environments that stimulate partnerships across academic, clinician, community, primary care and industry stakeholders to utilise data to iteratively achieve better health outcomes and service improvements.
This report presents an evidence-based framework to support a sustainable Learning Health System in the Translation Centre context and to encourage a network of Learning Health Systems in Australia.


Medical Research Future Fund Rapid Applied Research Translation Program Grant