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A Developmental System for Organic Form Synthesis

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posted on 2022-07-25, 00:23 authored by B Porter
Modelling the geometry of organic forms using traditional CAD or animation tools is often difficult and tedious. Different models of morphogenesis have been successfully applied to this problem; however many kinds of organic shape still pose difficulty. This paper introduces a novel system, the Simplicial Developmental System (SDS), which simulates morphogenetic and physical processes in order to generate specific organic forms. SDS models a system of cells as a dynamic simplicial complex in two or three dimensions that is governed by physical rules. Through growth, division, and movement, the cells transform the geometric and physical representations of the form. The actions of the cells are governed by conditional rules and communication between cells is supported with a continuous morphogen model. Results are presented in which simple organic forms are grown using a model inspired by limb bud development in chick embryos. These results are discussed in the context of using SDS as a creative system.


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