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A Deadly Distraction: Why the Death Penalty is not the Answer to Rape in South Asia

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posted on 2022-05-19, 05:34 authored by Sara KowalSara Kowal, Scott Walker, Zaman Ashraf, Mai SatoMai Sato

Since 2010, persons convicted of rape offences were executed in at least 9 countries, including India and Pakistan. Moreover, public protests against the rape epidemic, which led governments to introduce capital rape laws, illustrates the need to shine a spotlight in South Asia.

This report examines the use of the death penalty for rape in four South Asian countries: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The report provides an overview of capital rape laws in these jurisdictions, discusses the everyday ramifications of such laws, and explores existing and potential avenues by which advocates may campaign for reform. 


Open Society Foundations through South Asia Middle East Network (coordinated by Harm Reduction International)

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