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'Moving from question to project: Creating meaningful research.' (Breakout Session 2), CAVAL Reference Interest Group (CRIG) Seminar - Librarians as Researchers

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posted on 2018-04-12, 05:56 authored by Hannah FultonHannah Fulton, Anne MellesAnne Melles
CRIG 2017

Title: Moving from question to project: Creating meaningful research

Session description: What’s a good topic? What’s important for the profession and in your
particular context? Which methods should you use? How do you choose a partner? How do you
actually finish the project?

This hands-on workshop is designed to answer these and other questions. Activities in the session will help you plan your own practitioner research and prepare for writing a proposal for the project. There will also be opportunities to build your networks around common themes, and
explore possibilities for collaboration.


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