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'Beginning the graduate research reading and writing journey', Faculty of Education, Graduate Research Winter School workshop 2017

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posted on 12.04.2018, 06:17 authored by Hannah FultonHannah Fulton,
This workshop is designed for beginning graduate research students in the Faculty of Education (but open to other students) who are in their first year of study. The workshop focuses on approaches and strategies for competent reading and writing as students transition into becoming researchers and preparing to write for supervisors, as well as participating in academic communities and peer networks within and beyond the faculty. It also focuses on highlighting Library resources and other services that can assist research students develop their academic research, reading and writing skills. The competencies and literacies that research students need to produce engaging and effective academic writing are discussed and workshopped.

In the context of graduate research, the workshop covers efficient reading and notetaking, including developing a reflective research journal and employing referencing tools, such as Endnote. Effective goal setting and planning for reading and writing are discussed in the context of optimal times and places where reading and writing can occur for a research student, including managing study work loads. This includes discussion of difficulties in research writing and strategies for overcoming these difficulties. Tools for planning and organising reading and writing are also discussed, including visual mapping strategies.

The workshop will focus specifically on the literature review, the summary statement or abstract and the introductory chapter as important genres of writing required of research students. These are briefly outlined and workshopped through practical writing activities.

Finally, avenues for gaining feedback about writing are discussed, including effective feedback work with supervisors and becoming part of peer-orientated writing groups and support networks on social media.


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