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posted on 2023-08-01, 05:33 authored by Carolina Toppan Rabello

 The Victorian Pride Centre it’s the first purposedly built building of its kind in Australia. It is a multipurpose building created to support and connect the LGBTQI+ group while providing a safe environment for its users. 

The Pride Centre marks a unique moment in the Australian queer history, where a built architectural project provides a landmark that represents the rainbow community. 

My interest in the project was first promoted by the Centre’s unique architecture and expressive form, especially when compared to the ephemeral and secret qualities used to describe LGBTIQ+ public spaces in the 1990s. The interest grew after I became aware of the connection between the vulnerability experienced by many queer folks and the lack of representation in dominant culture - which includes our cities and architecture. I felt that the creation of the Pride Centre was indicating a cultural change around LGBTIQ+ presence and rights, a connection worthy of exploration. 





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