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Using the same infrastructure to tell vastly different data stories

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posted on 2016-10-21, 04:18 authored by David GroenewegenDavid Groenewegen, Mark HahnelMark Hahnel

As the amount of publicly available research data grows exponentially, the need to present it in the right context is more important than ever. Telling stories with data and around data is vital to increasing the understanding for fellow researchers and the general public alike. It is also important to ensure that data can be represented in a variety of contexts and the underlying infrastructure is flexible enough to cater for future as yet unknown use cases. 

Monash University has partnered figshare to store, share, manage and showcase all the of the research outputs of the institution. 

One of the strengths of figshare is the ability to group content using a variety of different institutional and user-defined methods. Collections allow research to curate and group together any content, whether it was produced by them or not, and present it in a clear manner and citable with a DOI. Monash University have taken advantage of the portals and sub portals group structure to present the Monash University Music Archive (MAMU), a collection of musical imagery, audio and video recordings, with all files previewed in the browser by figshare’s custom file viewing technology. This talk will inform you on the latest developments of figshare at Monash University and how they have worked together to present vastly different data stories with the same underlying infrastructure.