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The neverending story: A continuing professional development approach

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posted on 23.08.2016, 06:55 authored by Megan DeaconMegan Deacon, Steven YatesSteven Yates, Yiye HanYiye Han
A presentation delivered at MoodleMootAu15
2-3pm, 6 July 2015

This is a story about a Moodle-based professional e-learning development course, which arose from a need to increase staff knowledge of e-learning module development and copyright. This presentation focuses on the development of the Copyright Module. Using a development research approach, the Copyright Module has moved from a reliance on external authoring tools to increased use of native Moodle activities. This evolution has occurred through our formative review throughout the project, evaluating usability, the appeal of the resource, functionality and effectiveness. Evaluation included user testing, user observation, a survey, expert review, and two focus groups of target users. The content of the module has been consolidated into a self-contained, completely Moodle based learning resource. Having achieved the original objectives of the project, the collaborative, practical process of creating the module has allowed it to grow to meet the changing needs of professional development. The ‘neverending story’ has finally come to a conclusion for us. Moodle has proved a sustainable environment for future content development.