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Supporting Characterisation Communities with Interactive HPC -September 2019 - Science Gateways 2019 Conference

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posted on 2019-09-26, 23:21 authored by Lance WilsonLance Wilson
Abstract—The Characterisation VL is an Australian nationally
funded virtual laboratory focused on bringing together the
national community around their research data and software.
Principally this means imaging techniques including optical
microscopes. CT, MRI, Cryo-Electron microscopy and other
non-traditional techniques. As it turns out Characterisation is
very general, but does have two principal commonalities:
1. Data sets are getting larger every day (CryoEM ~2-
5TB per dataset, LLSM ~1-10TB per dataset). They
are becoming too large for the average workstation
and difficult for enterprise IT providers within
2. Many data processing tools take the form of desktop
applications, requiring interactivity and input from
domain experts.
Rather than building a dedicated web interface to a single
workflow, the CVL has chosen to provide access to a virtual
laboratory with all of the techniques needed by the range of
characterisation communities. In this demonstration we will
show how easy access to virtual laboratories (science gateway)
has impacted the Australian characterisation community as well
as explaining the first and second generations of architecture,
used and how it can be reused by other computing facilities to
benefit their users.


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