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Shared Collections: Engagement Through Digitisation

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posted on 07.10.2019, 03:34 by Beth PearsonBeth Pearson
"This is Indonesia. United Indonesia. As one nation, we have one language of unity, we live in one motherland and we love our freedom..."

In October 1958, Indonesia's first president, Sukarno, delivered a moving speech to commemorate the 1928 Youth Pledge (Sumpah Pemuda). 60 years on, this speech can be experienced by a new, global generation thanks to a growing digitisation program.

Monash University Library holds some of the world’s most rare and valuable research materials, spanning multiple genres and mediums, and endeavours to make these available to researchers through an active digitisation program.

The digitisation of special collections faces many challenges including copyright limitations, fragility of the material, and creation of descriptive information to assist with discovery and reuse. A successful project is therefore reliant on a collaboration between several stakeholders both within the Library and, importantly, researchers and the wider community.

This presentation will discuss the Library's digitisation program and the role it plays in supporting research and learning, both within the university and internationally. Several unique, digitised Indonesian collections will be highlighted, and opportunities for increased engagement and collaboration with the wider community will be discussed.

Presentation given at the Monash Herb Feith Centre Conference 2019 : ‘Chinese Indonesians: Identities and Histories’