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Exploring the impact of therapy dogs on children's wellbeing in school settings

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posted on 07.01.2021, 06:20 by Christine GrovéChristine Grové, Linda HendersonLinda Henderson, Louisa Trainer, Hannah Schena, Marcelle Prentice, Felicia Lee, Phoebe Wardlaw

Presentation for the Australian Psychology Society College of Educational and Developmental Psychology Conference.


Henderson, L., Grové, C., Lee, F., Trainer, L., Schena, H., & Prentice, M. (2020). An evaluation of a dog-assisted reading program to support student wellbeing in primary school. Children and Youth Services Review, 118,[105449].

Grove, C. Henderson, L. & Lee, F. (2021). Chapter 28. Policy Framework for the Use of Therapy Dogs in Educational Settings. Building Better Schools with Evidence-based Policy: Adaptable Policy for Teachers and School Leaders. Routledge.

Grove, C. Henderson, L., Lee, F., & Wardlaw, P. (Under review, forthcoming 2021). The Use of Therapy Dogs in Educational Settings: Guidelines and Recommendations for Implementation.