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Evaluating library programs and services - it's getting better all the time.

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posted on 2016-12-01, 22:49 authored by Sarah.Jansen, Kaye SullivanKaye Sullivan
Data analysts. Professional storytellers. Libraries are using a variety of methods to help demonstrate the value and impact of the programs and services they offer. But it’s still garbage in, garbage out isn’t it? When should we evaluate, what should we evaluate, and how do we get optimal data? With limited resources, how can we do, and evaluate and communicate what we do, in the best possible way? This presentation will review the current status of evaluation in libraries, the drivers that influence our choices, and some emerging innovations in the pursuit of evidence. We will then focus specifically on ways to capture the impact of information literacy services, programs and resources through discussion of evaluation practices at Monash University Library. These include automated analytics for online content, survey tools to capture curriculum engagement and impact, and an evaluation framework that challenges us to embed more creative evaluation methods into program design to provide better evidence of success. With these as stimuli, we will open to the audience for discussion on the existing challenges in evaluation of library information literacy programs, and potential solutions.


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