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Advocacy and the Ada Booth Slavic Collection - CRIG forum presentation 2020

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posted on 2020-05-12, 06:00 authored by Deanna RamseyDeanna Ramsey, Anna RubinowskiAnna Rubinowski
The Ada Booth Slavic Collection at Monash University was established as a distinct collection in 2011. The Ada Booth Librarian is responsible for the development and promotion of this collection which is funded by the Ada Booth Benefaction. Our engagement and outreach activities include teaching, conferences, seminars, and concerts. These efforts have transformed a previously little-known niche collection into a well-recognised world-leading research collection that has seen a significant increase in reputation and usage. This has allowed us to build strong and lasting networks with researchers and Slavic communities locally, nationally and internationally. This presentation presents our experiences and how we successfully created a sustainable model of advocacy to maintain this level of engagement in the future