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Scholix Framework: Building a Bridge Between Research Data and Publications

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posted on 2017-03-16, 09:04 authored by Amir AryaniAmir Aryani, Adrian Burton, Paolo ManghiPaolo Manghi, Sandro La Bruzzo, Markus StockerMarkus Stocker, Uwe Schindler, Michael Diepenbroek, Martin FennerMartin Fenner, Hylke Koers

This is the pre-print version of a paper accepted in Open Repository Conference in Brisbane, Australia, June 2017.


Identifying the connections between datasets and publications has been a known challenge for scholarly communications and research repositories. In the last three years, there has been a significant development in promoting these connections among data centres and publishers. The major force behind identifying the data-literature connections is emerging new funders’ policies that encourage (in some cases enforce) reproducibility of science.  In this talk, we will present the Scholix (Scholarly Link exchange) framework as a high-level interoperability approach toward exchanging information about the links between scholarly literature and data. This work was initiated by the Research Data Alliance working on Publishing Data Services.
Over the past decade, publishers and data centres, have agreed on and implemented numerous bilateral agreements to establish bidirectional links between research data and the scholarly literature. However, because of the considerable differences inherent to these many agreements, there is very limited interoperability between the various solutions. This talk will present the vision of a universal interlinking service and proposes the technical guidelines of a multi-hub interoperability framework.


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