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Data Fluency Digital Toolkit Poster - Minor Prize

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posted on 02.12.2019, 00:45 by Beth PearsonBeth Pearson
Poster selected as a Minor Prize winner in the Monash University Data Fluency Digital Toolkit Poster Competition, 2019.

My poster was selected for this prize by a judging panel including Monash University Library, the Bioinformatics platform, eResearch and Data Futures Institute, based on the poster's content, design and aesthetics, innovation and originality, data visualisation and interdisciplinary approach.

The poster outlines how I use tools learnt in the Data Fluency Community of Practice, particularly OpenRefine. Whether it’s importing research materials into monash.figshare or a collection of digitised rare books into Monash Collections Online, OpenRefine enables me to rid my source data of troublesome inconsistencies and characters that would either break the upload script or render the metadata unusable for researchers. OpenRefine allows me to work more efficiently, cleans my data, and helps me deliver accessible research collections.