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Family violence perpetrator screening and risk assessment

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posted on 2020-04-30, 13:34 authored by Tess Bartlett, Silke MeyerSilke Meyer, Kate Fitz-GibbonKate Fitz-Gibbon

In recent years, significant attention has been paid to ensuring risk identification, assessment and management practices are in place for domestic and family violence (DFV) victim survivors, yet there is scant understanding and practice in relation to perpetrators. As a result, opportunities to screen for, identify, assess and manage the risk that a perpetrator poses are often missed. The range of services that have the opportunity to screen for and identify male perpetrators of DFV are broad and include specialist men’s services, police, courts and corrections as well as child protection, mental health, and alcohol and other drug (AOD) service providers. Effectively identifying the risk of DFV perpetration along with its escalation is a crucial element in working towards safer lives for victims and children affected by DFV across Australia.


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