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Bridges for Graduate Research Students - Information Pack

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posted on 21.07.2021, 03:17 by Monash University Research RepositoryMonash University Research Repository
Academic researchers want to make a difference. They want people to read and apply their research, and they want to demonstrate that their research is having an impact. Traditionally, research impact has been measured by publications - the number of articles published, the quality of the journals in which you were published, and the number of citations. This is changing.

There is now an increasing need to demonstrate the impact of your research, both within your research field and beyond. In order for this to occur, you need to communicate your research and related outputs to relevant and wide-ranging audiences. You need to present your research within a clear narrative that you can control, and you need to be able to track and record where your research is being accessed, discussed, and applied.

Your online profiles are the primary mechanism through which you can achieve this goal. As a graduate research student, you can start to build a profile now by using Bridges.

This information pack, developed by Monash University Library, introduces graduate research students to concepts of research data, research profiles, research impact and engagement.

[In early 2020, the repository was renamed from monash.figshare to Bridges. Version 1 of this record links to the previous monash.figshare guide.]